Does my home’s Federal Pacific Panel require replacement?

Once popular electrical panels found in homes from the 1950s through the 1980s, Federal Pacific panels
easily overheat. They can also lead to electrical fires. If your home still has a Federal Pacific panel,
professionals recommend that you replace it with a newer, safer panel. 

Electrical panels play an important role in protecting your home from electrical surges. The panels will
trip the breaker to prevent a dangerous current from reaching your home’s wiring. The Federal Electric
panel may operate properly for a number of years before potentially dangerous issues occur. The
Federal Electric panel may cause a fire because the panel fails to trip a power surge or short circuit.
It is important to check the electrical panel in your home to see if it is a Federal Pacific panel. If you find
a Federal Pacific label on your panel, you should contract a licensed electrician immediately. They can
assist with safe and proper replacement of your panel. If you are not sure if your panel is a Federal
Pacific, a licensed electrician can help with an inspection.

Even if your panel is a Federal Pacific panel, it is important to be aware of signs of wear and tear. This is
an important precaution to keep your family and your home safe. If you experience shocks when plugs
are added or removed from outlets, it may be a sign that your surge protector is not properly
functioning. Another sign of an improperly functioning surge protector is melted switches on your panel.
A local licensed electrician can assist with inspection and, if necessary, replacement of your panel in
your Clearwater, Florida home.

Positricity is your Clearwater, FL electrician that strives to address your electrical needs in a
professional and timely manner. We offer rapid, quality service. We guarantee our work. Our
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