Protecting your home with surge protection during hurricane season

As we face the height of hurricane season, it’s a good time to think about preparations you can
take to ensure your home is ready should we face a weather event. Surge protection is a preventative
measure you can take to help protect major appliances and electronics in your home in the event of a

A surge is defined as a powerful burst of electricity. They can be brought on by lightning, power
disruptions, spikes of power in your home or any changes on your regional power grid. On average,
homes encounter over 300 power surges a year. All of these power surges have the potential to damage
your appliances and electronics. With a hurricane or tropical storm event, we are likely to encounter
lightning and lengthy power disruptions.

A surge protector will safeguard your home from power spikes. If your appliances or major electronics
are plugged into a surge protector, the shift in electric power is diverted, protecting your device that’s
plugged in.

What appliances and electronics can benefit from surge protection? Most notably, your HVAC system is
one of the most expensive items in your home that runs on electricity. An electrician can help with
dedicated surge protection for your AC or HVAC unit. In addition to HVAC, major kitchen appliances such
as your refrigerator, stove, oven and dishwasher may benefit from surge protection.
A licensed electrician can help you evaluate the most appropriate surge protection for your home based
on the appliances and entertainment systems you may have that rely on electrical power.

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