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The electrical panel in your home or business acts like the heart inside your body. If this essential component is damaged, there would be no way for the rest of the body to receive the blood it requires to live. Similarly, without a powerfully working panel, you will not be able to receive electricity anywhere throughout your property. To ensure that your panel is always in tip-top condition, it is critical to schedule effective electrical panel services in Clearwater. Keep your business safe and functional by arranging an appointment with our team at Positricity.

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Signs You May Need Panel Repairs or Replacements

It is essential to be on the alert for warning signs that your panels have been worn by time or damaged. Not only will malfunctioning panels be less efficient, but they also pose critical hazards to anyone on your property, from your family members to your staff. To avoid a tragic case of electrocution or sudden fire, get in touch with our reliable contractors to schedule effective repairs or replacements.

Some of the signals indicating you need electrical panel troubleshooting include:

  • Your overloaded panel refuses to shut off.
  • You have noticed that using more than one appliance causes the breakers to trip.
  • The light bulbs keep burning out even after being recently changed.
  • The panel appears to be rusted, burnt, or completely melted.
  • The panel is giving off a smell of smoke.
  • Even after being reset, your breaker keeps tripping.
  • The appliances on your property run at very low power.
  • Turning on an appliance causes the lights in your property to suddenly flicker.

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While panels can malfunction because they have been damaged by natural disasters like storms and hurricanes, or worn out from daily use, another problem that occurs in certain panels is the existence of inherent flaws. This is particularly true for outdated panels that were built many years ago without the advanced knowledge and technology utilized by electrical companies today. For example, Federal Pacific Electric panels and Zinsco panels are particularly known to display flaws in their parts. However, even if your panel is from a trusted manufacturer but was built over 40 years ago, it is likely to face problems with short circuiting. Keep your home or business safe by letting our dedicated technicians replace your outdated panels.

Ensuring That Your Commercial Panels Are Working Optimally

Anyone who runs or owns a business in Clearwater should especially take care to ensure that all the property’s electrical panels are in prime condition. Even though these panels are built from the highest quality of materials nowadays, the amount of use they experience daily means that they are more prone to wear down sooner than residential panels. Because of the sheer liability caused by outdated panels, insurance companies often deny insurance to commercial properties without updated panels and frequent inspection checks, so you should schedule our devoted electrical panel services in Clearwater for your business as soon as possible.

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