is arguable the most sustainable lighting option for your Clearwater, Florida home. But what about these lights make them so much better for the environment? Here are some of the environmental advantages of Clearwater Florida LED lighting for your home.

Clearwater Florida LED lighting is far more energy efficient than other lighting options, and in some cases, almost 80% more efficient. Of the energy in an LED bulb, 95% of it is converted into light and only 5% is considered “waste” in the form of heat. In addition, LED lights require less power to operate. This has a positive impact on the amount of emissions from power plants. Another eco-friendly advantage of LED lighting is the absence of toxic elements like mercury. Mercury requires special treatment to properly dispose of it to prevent contamination in the environment.

LED lights do a better job distributing and emitting light in the places where you need it, as opposed to traditional bulbs that use energy sending light in various directions where you may not need it. Ultimately, this means you need fewer LED lights to achieve the same lighting effect. This means you’ll utilize less electricity, which translates into an advantage for the environment.

Another positive environmental consideration for LED lights is their life span. An LED light can emit light nearly six times longer than other lights. This means you’re not replacing your lights as often, and ultimately, fewer lights need to be produced. This as a positive impact on the environment.

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