Electrical Panels Palm Harbor Fl

Electrical Panels Palm Harbor, FL

For fast, reliable and affordable electrical panel repair and replacement in Palm Harbor, FL contact Positricity.

When you need your electrical panel repaired or replaced in Palm Harbor, Florida, contact the professional electricians at Positricity. Our electricians are certified, trained, experienced, highly skilled and reliable.  We will inspect your panel, accurately assess your electrical needs and repair or replace your panel to meet current codes ensuring your electrical panel is running optimally. The heart of your home or businesses electrical system is the electrical panel. The electricity in your home or business enters from the main power line and through the electric panel. The demand for more electricity on every circuit in the house has increased with all the convenient and necessary accessories to the modern lifestyle. The constant additional load can cause electrical panels to overheat, affecting all the components and reducing their reliability or making them fail altogether. A failing or malfunctioning electric panel is a very serious issue that places you, your family or your employees in danger.  Since 2004, Positricity has helped homeowners and businesses in Palm Harbor and throughout the entire Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg areas avoid disaster by providing electric panel repair and replacement. 

Electrical Fires Are No Laughing Matter! Stay Safe, Don’t Put Off an Electric Panel Repair or Upgrade! 

What are the Signs that your Electrical Panel Needs to be Repaired or Replaced?

Understanding the signs that your electrical panels need replacement or repair is critical. Malfunctioning electrical panels are dangerous for your family and employees. If you have a Zinsco, Sylvania or Federal Pacific Panel, contact us immediately for an electrical panel inspection. Old or malfunctioning electrical panels can cause fatal electric shocks and fires. Older electrical panels have an unacceptably high rate of failure and do not protect your circuits, your home or your business. Many insurance companies are refusing to insure homes or businesses with older panels because of the fire danger. If you notice any of the following signs, it is essential that you have your electrical panel inspected as soon as possible.

  • Your light bulbs burn out quickly and frequently
  • Your panel doesn’t shut off when overloaded
  • Your breakers trip when using multiple appliances
  • Your panel looks melted or rusty
  • You live in an older property
  • You use extension cords, continually
  • You do not have circuit breakers, you have fuses
  • Your breakers continue to trip
  • Your remodeling your home or upgrading your appliances
  • Your appliances do not run at full power
  • You notice a burning smell from the panel
  • You experience power surges or flickering lights when you turn on an appliance
  • You reset a tripped breaker and it will not stay that way
  • You have a Zinsco, Sylvania or Federal Pacific Panel
  • Trustworthy Flat Rate Pricing
  • Prompt Response
  • Licensed and Insured

Who Should you Contact for an Electrical Panel Upgrade or Repair?

At Positricity, we can help you with all your electrical panel needs. You need an experienced electrician who will diagnose and fix the problem immediately. This is not a do it yourself project and should not be delayed, the stakes are too high. If you are unsure as to whether you have a faulty electric panel, do not hesitate to have your unit inspected. If your home or business needs an electrical panel upgrade, or you’ve received a notice to replace your electrical panel, this task is best left to the trained professional electricians at Postiricity. We can not only assist you with the electrical panel upgrade, but we will do all the insurance paperwork for you as well. 

I had a great experience with the Electricians. They followed a standard process and showed me the standard prices for each job. I attribute that to their company policies. I would recommend this company to others,

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