A ceiling fan is a must-have in any home. Most people have ceiling fans installed for one purpose: to keep cool in the summer. Many people think they’re only useful when it’s summer, which happens to be a misconception. Do you know the many benefits of having a ceiling fan installed? In this blog, we’ll break down the many benefits of installing a ceiling fan in your Clearwater, Florida home.

Cooling Down

It’s an obvious reason, but still an important one! In Clearwater, we’re no stranger to hot summers with daily averages getting up to 86 degrees. Many homeowners find that installing a ceiling fan is a great way to stay cool during the summer months. Ceiling fans produce a wind-chill effect that can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler.

Circulating Air

In addition, ceiling fans can help to circulate air throughout a room, providing relief from stuffiness. If you have allergies or asthma, this can be a lifesaver. In the winter months, you can also have your ceiling fans turn clockwise which will create an updraft – pulling warm air down from the ceiling to warm up the room.

Energy Efficient

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep your home cool and save on energy costs. Ceiling fans are highly energy-efficient, using less power than many other appliances. In fact, when used properly, ceiling fans can actually help you save money on your energy bills. They save energy by helping cool down the room without actually cooling the air in the room like an air conditioner.


Ceiling fans are a more affordable option than having to re-do your entire air conditioning in your home or business. Also, should you ever sell your property you will see a return on your investment because ceiling fans can add value to your property.

How We Can Help

As with any fixrure, ceiling fans must be installed in an area with electricity available. It is easiest where there is an existing light fixture or outlet.

We will wire the fan correctly into the electrical system. We can give several options for fan control. Do you want a remote control or just a pull-chain on the fan? Do you want speed control from the switch? Do you need speed control from multiple locations? Is there a light?

The installation can be outside or inside. On an exposed ceiling as in the picture, or on a flat ceiling. If the ceiling is high or low, we can install a fan that complies – like a “ceiling hugger” for low ceilings, or add an “extension rod” for extra high ceilings.

Fans can move a lot, and that puts a strain on the mountings. Depending on the weight, there are codes for the type of boxes needed, you don’t want the fan to come crashing down!

Understanding how to wire and install one makes it all the more important to you to have a team of highly trained professionals complete the job. We know what works, what the electrical code requires, and how to do it safely for you.

There are many benefits to installing a ceiling fan in your home and we can help ensure the wiring is done correctly, the fan is safe to run, and more.

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