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Aluminum Wire Remediation in Clearwater 

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The electrical system in your house or business acts very similarly to a living body, with all the circuitry and wiring behaving like the circulatory system. Rather like arteries and veins, these essential wires carry vital energy throughout the whole property so you can keep all your electrical devices and appliances fully functional.

Unfortunately, however, many buildings in the past used aluminum wiring rather than copper, and the connectors to this wiring are far more likely to oxidize and corrode. This means that if you have an older residence or commercial enterprise, your property is about 60 times more prone to suffer from a dangerous fire sparked by these inferior wiring systems and loose connections. To prevent such a disaster from occurring, it is essential to schedule aluminum wire remediation in Clearwater. Our professionals at Positricity are prepared to safely modernize your property as soon as you give us a call.

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Benefits That Come from Remediating Your Aluminum Wiring

Understandably, there are some people who may wonder whether replacing all their aluminum wiring is really a benefit, since at the outset it might seem like a costly investment. It is important to remember, however, that the health and safety of your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone else visiting your property is always the highest goal. Replacing your aluminum wiring will lower the risk of fires and electrical shock.

In addition to this critical advantage, however, there are other significant benefits as well, including:

  • Smoother, more efficient conductivity with copper wiring.
  • Less crowded electrical networks since copper takes up less space.
  • Higher amount of durability and strength.
  • Drastically decreased risk of melting or catching fire.
I had a great experience with the Electricians. They followed a standard process and showed me the standard prices for each job. I attribute that to their company policies. I would recommend this company to others,

Why You Must Always Rely on Electrical Professionals to Replace Your Wiring

Even though there are plenty of tasks around your home that you could turn into DIY projects, we strongly urge you never to try to deal with your aluminum wiring independently. Too many tragic accidents occur every year from homeowners trying to fix their wiring by themselves. Instead of attempting a task that could result in a critical injury or fatality to you or your loved ones, seek out the dedicated support of our electrical specialists. Our experienced technicians are licensed to carefully replace your aluminum wiring, keeping you and your household safe from any form of electrocution or fire hazard.

Be Proactive in Scheduling Aluminum Rewiring for Your Commercial Building

Whether you have just bought a previously owned building to conduct your new business or have been operating the same piece of property for several decades, it is crucial to arrange for efficient aluminum wire remediation in Clearwater as soon as possible. If the worst-case scenario occurred and a fire started, you would be shocked to discover that most insurance companies refuse to take care of any financial loss that has come about because of aluminum wiring. Do not allow this risk to take place, but rapidly arrange with our reliable team for dependable support.   

Call us today at (727) 382-3793 or contact us online to further discuss the current wiring situation of your property with our experienced team at Positricity. 

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