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Do your circuit breakers keep tripping? Do your appliances spark when you plug them in?

Don’t wait, pick up the phone and contact the professionals at Positricity today. Experiencing issues with the electrical system in your home or business is something that should not be taken lightly. Unhealthy electrical systems are extremely dangerous and warrant immediate attention before they turn into more serious or possibly deadly situations. The experts at Positricity are your local electricians who can solve all of your residential and commercial electrical repair problems. Your home or business is a huge investment, but more importantly the safety of your family and staff takes top priority. When searching for an electrical contractor near you to perform electrical repairs to your home or business you want to make sure that the electrical contractors you hire are knowledgeable and experienced. Positricity has the best of the best electricians in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg areas. We have helped thousands of home and business owners solve all of their electrical problems from things as simple as outlets or switches that don’t work to wiring problems or power failures. We offer our clients high quality and rapid response to residential and commercial electrical repair service. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, “Home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year.” Don’t wait for that electrical spark to trigger a fire. Call Positricity at (727) 213-8658 or by filling out our form.

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  • Consistent Blown Fuses – If your circuit breakers are tripping or are consistently blowing fuses, your property could benefit from electrical repairs or the installation of an additional breaker.
  • Lighting Problems – Are your lights flickering or appear to be too dim? Flickering lights sometimes indicate a poor connection. Contact your local electrician before this becomes a bigger issue.
  • Smell of Burning Odor at the Outlet – Like many things in life, electrical outlets will wear over time. Dead outlets or switches which don’t work probably have broken wires which need to be repairs.
  • Electrical Sparks or Arcs – When plugging in cords it is not uncommon to see an occasional spark, however if it happens more frequently or sparks become large, contacting a professional is best. Loose wires can be dangerous. Stay safe and call Positricity for electrical help.
  • Electrical Shock – Have you been getting shocked when you plug in your appliances? It may be time to schedule a professional electrical inspection.
  • Hot Ceiling Fixtures – When placing bulbs in your ceiling fixtures, follow the recommended maximum wattage for the bulbs. Using bulbs which exceed the maximum wattage can cause fixtures to overheat which can cause a fire. Stay safe and watch your wattage.


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