Are you ready to switch to LED Lighting for your home? This seemingly simple upgrade can makea big difference in the aesthetic and electrical consumption in your Palm Harbor, FL home. Here aresome of the benefits of converting to LED Lighting in your home.

LED lights are one of the most energy-efficient options on the market. They also have a much longerlifespan than other lightbulbs. LED lights typically omit white light. They are the combination of blue,green and red light emitting diodes (LEDs). These LEDs are small light sources that either workindividually or together to create the light.

So why are LED bulbs better than incandescent lights? On average, LED lights use anywhere from 25-80% less energy. This means you’ll spend on energy expenses for your home. These lights also have along lifespan – anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours. LED lights produce much less heat thanincandescent bulbs.

There are additional advantages to switching your home to LED lighting. Some LED light systems can beconfigured via WiFi, meaning you can control the lights in your home from your smartphone or tablet. Ifyou leave your home and forget to shut off a light, you can take care of it on the go. In addition toconvenience, there is an aesthetic appeal to LED lights. This change can upgrade the appearance in yourhome and add value.

If you are ready to switch your homes lighting over to LED lights, a licensed electrician is a valuableresource for consultation.

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