Here in Florida where we are prone to major storm systems including hurricanes and tropical storms, power surges are not uncommon. Whole home surge protection can help protect your Dunedin, Florida home and important appliances and other systems that run on electricity. Here are some of the benefits of whole home surge protection for your Dunedin, Florida home.

Although you don’t need to worry about a fire when you experience a power surge, your appliances, electronics and other critical systems like HVAC may be inoperable after a strong power surge. Whole home surge protection can prevent major damage. Even if a power surge doesn’t completely damage one of these items, they can shorten the lifespan dramatically. With surge protection for your home, you will decrease damage and increase their lifespan.

You could find an increased need for maintenance on things like your HVAC system because of power surges. With whole home surge protection, you will not need to maintain these systems as frequently because of power surges.

In addition to the protection that surge protection offers your large-ticket electronics, whole home surge protection systems are affordable. Some are only a few hundred dollars, depending on the size of your Dunedin, Florida home and your surge protection needs. It’s a relatively simple installation process, too. A licensed electrician can typically install surge protection in one day.

In addition to the savings that comes with protecting major appliances and electronics, whole home surge protection may help you save on your homeowner insurance premiums, too.

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