Lighting may seem like a small aspect of your home, but it can have a big impact on the overall aesthetic and look of your home. Electrical work can be dangerous, if you haven’t had training you shouldn’t take this project on alone. That’s where a licensed electrician comes in.

What is recessed lighting? Sometimes referred to as can lighting, these are the lights that sit in the ceiling. These lights are two-part: the housing is the portion that goes into the ceiling. The trim is the “exterior” part that you see once your light is installed. Depending on the type of lighting, you may need to use different type of bulbs. Some recessed can lights can be fitted with LED flat panels, compact fluorescent, incandescent or Phillips Hue multi-color LEDs. Some newer recessed lighting is called a “puck” light. It is a flat LED panel that can be recessed into the ceiling even under a joist allowing placement where it was previously impossible.

An electrician can help you not only install lighting in your home, but also with selecting the correct type of recessed lighting for your space. First, a professional will assess your space. In this assessment, they will take their knowledge of current code and products to recommend the best options for your home. In addition to helping you choose the right recessed lighting for your home, an electrician will findappropriate power sources and using the height and slow of your ceiling to determine the best installations methods, what kind of switching is needed and where it is convenient. They will also take other factors into consideration, including the presence or absence of insulation and whether you have a crawl space or attic above the ceiling where you intend to install the lighting.

With adequate assessment, your electrician will recommend the right lights based on the recessed can size, the type of bulb you want in your home, the appropriate placement of the lights and applicable dimmers so you can control the brightness of the lights.

Electricians can install anywhere from 10-20 recessed lights in one day. Depending on the number of lights you plan to install in your home, this will determine how long this project may take.

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