Although your Clearwater, Florida home’s electrical panel should have a long life, it may eventually require replacement. How do you know when it’s time to call a licensed electrician to address your Clearwater FL electrical panel? Here are some important clues.

If you find that the lights inside your home dim frequently (aside from when you’re using a dimmer switch to control the amount of light) it may indicate an issue with your Clearwater FL electrical panel. You may notice the lights are more likely to dim while you’re using electricity elsewhere, like plugging in and using a hair dryer or starting the microwave. The dimming may indicate that your panel cannot supply enough electricity to meet your needs throughout your home.

Another indicator that your electrical panel may require replacement is frequent issues with your circuit breakers. If they are tripping regularly, it may indicate that the circuit is overloaded, which may indicate an issue with your panel.

Age will impact the efficiency of your electrical panel. Although they can last for many years, those that are 30 or 40 years old may not be able to support the demand of the modern home and the amount of electronics we rely on. A licensed electrician can give you an accurate estimation on the amount of electricity your home requires. They can also tell you if your panel is able to supply enough electricity to support your needs.

If your panel does require replacement, it’s important to consult a reputable and reliable licensed electrician for the work. Trying to replace your Clearwater FL electrical panel yourself is unsafe.

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