Losing power in your home can cause inconvenience and frustration. If your home has a fuse box instead of a breaker panel, it is more complicated to rectify the outage. So what can you do right away if you blow a fuse in your St. Petersburg, Florida home?

If you’ve lost power to certain lights and appliances, the first step you should take to address this outage is unplug everything. This will help protect you replacement fuse. It’s also the safest way to address electricity concerns in your home.

Before you do anything with the fuses in the fuse box, turn off power to the fuse box. If you’re not comfortable locating the blown fuse in your fuse box, call a licensed electrician to assist. They can locate the blown fuse and replace it, or recommend an upgrade from your fuse box to a breaker panel. If you do venture to look into the blown fuse on your own, you’ll need to look in the area of the fuse box that corresponds to the room or area of your house that lost power. The blown fuse may appear discolored and may be broken. If you find the blown fuse, you can replace it with exactly the same type and size of fuse while the electricity is still off.

Once you’ve replaced the blown fuse, you can turn the electricity back on to the fuse box and, one at a time, plug your appliances back in. Be aware as you reconnect appliances as it’s important to not overload the new fuse.

Although you may venture to replace a blown fuse in your home’s fuse box, the safest route is to contact a licensed electrician to address the issue.

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