In hiring contractors to complete work in your Palm Harbor, Florida home, it’s important to find a reliable and trustworthy professional. As you work with and seek contractors to hire for work in your home, here’s some traits or characteristics you should beware of when it comes to electricians.

The first question to ask is “Are you licensed?”, it is illegal to perform electrical work in Florida without a State or County license. Secondly, “Do you have insurance?”, especially if your job is over $2500. He should have General liability, vehicle and workers compensation at least. An un-insured electrician on your property can lead to claims against you as the homeowner!

An irresponsible electrician is one who will assess the work you need completed as a “small job” or a “large job” and will prioritize it and treat it as such. These contractors may rush quickly to complete the work of your seemingly small job, and in their rush to finish, leave the work incomplete or incorrect. These are the types that will complete work that they feel is “good enough” but not the same quality you may get from another contractor.

An important characteristic in an electrician is reliability. So what are the traits of an unreliable electrician? These are those who aren’t arriving on time, completing work on time and providing the client with honest and consistent feedback on the status of their job. Homeowners may fall into a trap of hiring an unreliable electrician when they receive an estimate that is significantly less expensive than those of other contractors. While an unreliable electrician may cost less up front, it’s ultimately more costly to hire someone whose work cannot be trusted.

Choosing a contractor is an important decision, so it’s important to spend time and attention seeking estimates. As with any project, homeowners should get several estimates and understand timelines, materials (if applicable) and cost for their project.

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