Many people have a very limited set of experience regarding electrical wiring and how electricity works in our Palm Harbor, FL homes. Electricians are trained for years on topics like safety, the National Electrical Code (NEC) and best electrical practices. Unless you are a professionally trained electrician in the field, it is very difficult to fully understand when and why it is important to hire an electrician to work on your home repairs and upgrades.Here are some situations where it’s important to call in the professionals.

Electrical Circuit Breakers That Frequently Trip

If the same breakers trip, or fuses blow, it’s time to find a Palm Harbor electrician to figure out what the problem is. The breaker or fuse is a protective device, and is most often tripping because of a genuine fault. The problems can range from short circuits, overloads and ground faults. All of these scenarios are bad and a safety risk to you and yours.

The lights flicker or dim when certain appliances turn on

This can be a symptom of overloading. Many appliances in modern homes draw a large amount of power resulting in excessive load on circuits or the whole panel. A professional can quickly evaluate if the appliance needs to be on its own circuit, or not.

Cords under rugs

If you run any electrical cords under rugs, that can lead to fault that remains unseen until it’s too late. It is only a matter of time until the wiring is crushed, followed by arcing and a short circuit occurs. That becomes very hot very quickly, and under a rug will quickly make a fire or put people at risk of electrocution. Electricians can place an outlet where you need it for a minimal investment.

Bonus rooms

Many bonus rooms are now overloaded with electronics, mini refrigerators and arcade games. In many cases, the original room’s electrical circuit was not designed to accommodate these significant draws of electricity.

Obviously there are other situations to call an electrician, but hopefully this has highlighted some you may not have known. We are local electricians and invested in our community in our county.

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