Beyond a typical homeowner’s inspection before the purchase of a new home, an electrical inspection is an important addition to your home-buying process. Clearwater FL electrical inspection helps to ensure that all the electrical components of your new home are up to code and that all components are safe.

So what does a licensed electrician look for in their Clearwater FL electrical inspection? The inspection helps ensure that you have enough electrical service to support the current size of the home plus room for any expansion you may wish to pursue in the future. In addition, all the wiring should function properly.

All outlets and switches should be inspected for ease of use and effectiveness. This means that the receptacles should be free of cracks or defects. An inspection helps ensure that the home is fitted with the proper type of outlet for the specific area, and that it can support the various appliances that may be plugged in to draw power from it.

Another aspect of your Clearwater FL electrical inspection should include a thorough overview of the service panel. Taking a good look at the service panel can help you identify any issues you may have with your electrical system so that you can negotiate the purchase price of your new home to reflect repairs you may need to complete.

A thorough electrical inspection before purchasing a new home is a smart and thoughtful investment for those purchasing a new home. It can help you save money, time and ultimately ensure the safety of your new investment.

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