LED lighting may seem like a minor update to make in your home, but it can have a big effect. LED lighting has a number of well-known advantages, but what about the lesser-known advantages of LED lights? Here are some unique differentiators of LED lighting that may make it an appealing optionfor your home.

1. LED Lights offer a great degree of flexibility when it comes to design and aesthetic: The small size of these bulbs and trims makes them easily adaptable throughout your home.

2. LED lights can dim at just about any degree of their capability: The more you reduce the power on dimmed LED Lights, the more energy efficient they become. Dimming LED lights can also create a specific look in your home.

3. LED lights are a great choice for the environment: LED lights are much more environmentally- friendly option than fluorescent lights, which are made with mercury and is released when disposed of.

4. LEDs work in hot or cold climates. Some models are made to operate at low voltages, meaning they will safely perform in an outdoor environment that may be more susceptible to water or flooding.

5. Very low UV Emissions and IR (infra-red) makes LEDs great for lighting special surfaces: Pieces like artwork that could be impacted by UV or infrared light will not be tarnished or damaged by an LED light.

6. LED lights offer a variety of color options: Whether you’re looking for warm lights that emit a yellow color or cool lights that create a white light, LED lights offer a range of color options.

LED lights offer a variety of unique features that make them a great option for your home. A licensed electrician can help with LED light design and installation.

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