Federal Pacific, FPE, panels have not been UL rated for nearly 25 years. These panels lost their rating because of an overwhelming number of failures and lack of effectiveness of the product. Licensed electricians recommend that, if your home has an FPE panel, then it should be replaced immediately to prevent an electrical fire in your home. But what makes the FPE panel so dangerous and how can you spot if your home has one?

FPE panels were found to have fraudulent testing procedures, including knowingly distributing faulty panels to consumers. In addition to fraudulent testing, many FPE panels were distributed and installed with false UL labeling. The FPE panels are known to not trip when the breaker is overloaded, possibly leading to an electrical fire.

In addition to the known failures among the FPE panels, it has been found that switching the FPE breaker to the off position may not fully shut off the breaker leaving it on internally. This creates great risk for a potentially fatal electrical shock.

Due to the risks associated with FPE panels, it’s nearly impossible for an electrician or inspector to safely diagnose if certain breakers in the panel are internally ineffective. Testing this equipment is known to create risk of injury or death.

These various factors contribute to the dangerousness of the FPE panel. Because of the high rate of defect among the FPE panel, the equipment violates the National Electrical Code. This means that if your home is equipped with one of these panels, it is not up to code. If you’re unsure if your panel is an FPE panel, a licensed electrician can help.

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