Once you’ve narrowed the list of electricians to consult on work for your home, it’s important toask some specific questions to get a sense of how they work. These questions can help you select theright electrician for your home.

1. Is the electrician licensed to work in the state? Although a contractor may be licensed, it doesn’tnecessarily mean they are licensed in the state in which you live. It’s important to confirm withthe contractor that they’re licensed in your state and that they’ve completed a certain numberof hours working with a Master Electrician.

2. Is the electrician insured? Not only should you ask for proof of insurance, but you should alsocall the insurance company to ensure their policy is active and valid. Should any injury occur inyour home, you’ll want to be sure you are not liable.

3. Compare references: Once you’ve narrowed your list down to a few contractors, you shouldcompare the reviews and feedback from their references.

4. Who is actually going to complete the work? Electric companies will often send a MasterElectrician to inspect and provide an estimate for a job, but that’s not necessarily the face you’llsee when it’s time for the work to be done. An apprentice may be sent to do the work. It’simportant to note that the Master’s license is at stake for any work that their apprenticecompletes on their behalf.

5. Does the electrician offer a warranty? This is an important consideration as you compareestimates from a number of contractors. Should something go wrong with the work completed,you’ll want to be sure that your investment is covered with some warranty.

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