Having a working electrical panel is essential to everyday life, whether you own a commercial or residential property. If your electric panel is damaged, it will be hard to get anything done since it is the source of all electricity on your property. A faulty electrical panel can also cause a disastrous fire and result in injuries or even death.When trying to work with electrical panels, it’s vital to practice caution. According to the Office of Congressional Workplace Rights, electrical hazards are the most common occurrences found in offices. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to be safe when working with electrical panels to help eliminate hazards on your property.

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Work

Since the electrical panel is so pivotal to all kinds of property, it is important to know what warning signs to look for. Some signs your electrical panel needs repairs are:

  • You notice that your panel is rusted, burnt, or melted
  • Running multiple appliances trips the circuits
  • You smell something burning or smoke behind your panel
  • When starting an appliance, your property’s lights flicker
  • The panel is over 25 years old
  • Your panel is warm or hot to the touch

Dos and Do Nots

The following are some things to consider when working with an electrical panel:

  • Do label and organize your electrical panel – this will help you in a pinch and ensure that you’re only operating with the parts of your property that need attention. Without a proper labeling system or guide to explain the electrical flows in the building, it could put family members, employees, or tenants in danger.
  • Do NOT operate during stormy weather. This is a recipe for disaster as storms can knock out power, or lighting can strike near your home and cause dangerous power surges.
  • Do make sure your panel has a secure cover. A secure cover ensures that no electrical wires are exposed; this helps protect you and your property.
  • Do NOT attempt to work on an electrical panel if you feel any uncertainty or confusion.

Calling The Experts

When in doubt, electricity is not something to be messed with as it can cause serious damage to your property and health. Our team of expert technicians can protect you from electrocution or your property from experiencing an electrical fire. Our team is trained to spot warning signs and prevent them from becoming worse by offering top-notch solutions and work.

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