The fuse box is an important component that manages the power throughout your home. Fuse boxes are typically older than breaker panels. A licensed electrician can help identify if your fuse box needs replacing, but here are some reasons you might need to replace the fuse box in your home:

  1. Age: Wear and tear will take a toll on the electrical equipment in your home. If your home is equipped with a fuse box instead of a breaker panel, that box is likely old and should be examined by a licensed electrician
  2. Human Error: If you have to replace an overloaded fuse in your fuse box, you run the risk of using the wrong type or size of fuse.
  3. Your fuse box doesn’t have enough circuits: Typically speaking, each room and major appliance in your home requires a devoted circuit. An upgrade to a breaker panel may provide you more slots to accommodate the circuits you need to power your home.
  4. They’re not always up to code: Although you may not be violating code at the moment, you may run the risk of breaking code if you make any electrical changes.
  5. A breaker panel adds value: It’s recommended that you make the switch from a fuse box to a breaker panel before listing or selling your home.

If it’s time to replace the fuse box in your Dunedin, Florida home, a licensed electrician can help. They will likely upgrade your fuse box to a breaker panel. They will ensure everything is properly aligned on the breaker panel and up to code. The replacement process takes several hours and typically requires that your power be shut off for a few hours.

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