For those living in Florida and other areas prone to severe weather, protecting your home from storm damage is of the utmost importance. While many take the necessary steps to secure their homes—bolstering roofs, sealing windows and doors, etc.—installing a standby generator can be the one thing that sets you apart and keeps your family safe and comfortable in case of an emergency. Here’s why your home isn’t really “storm-proof” until you install a standby generator.

Added Protection from Power Outages

A standby generator provides you with added protection from power outages that often occur during storms or other extreme weather events. During these times, portable generators don’t always have the capacity to provide power for long periods of time; they are meant to give temporary relief or act as short-term backup energy sources when needed most. With a standby generator, however, this is not an issue; it can provide continuous power until the main electrical grid is restored, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for all involved.

Reducing the Risk of Fire Hazards and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

With typical portable generators, there is always the potential for them to leak fuel and cause fires—especially during longer usage periods, which could happen during prolonged storm season scenarios. Additionally, portable generators pose the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if they are not placed in a safe location.

Standby generators, on the other hand, are much safer and more reliable because they typically utilize natural gas (or propane) lines. They also direct hazardous fumes away from the home. This reduces safety risks significantly compared to portable units.

Ensuring Backup Power In Case Of Emergency

Finally, having a standby generator means having peace of mind knowing you won’t ever have to go without power during an emergency situation—particularly if regular electricity access has been disrupted due to either infrastructure failure or extended outages caused by bad weather conditions! This type of system gives homeowners assurance that they can remain safe while still staying comfortable within their own homes no matter what nature throws at them! Medical equipment, Wi-Fi, appliances, and more can continue to function without any major interruption.

Generator Installations in Clearwater, FL

If you’re looking for increased security measures against power-related emergencies, installing a standby generator can be an invaluable investment. At Positricity, we specialize in top-quality generator installations in Clearwater, FL. With our knowledge and experience in the industry, you can rest assured your home will be protected during power outages. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help equip your home with a reliable standby generator!